Money for money is utopi                                                                                                                                                                    

Constant satisfaction of material needs very soon leads to saturation. To saturation and understanding that we need to constantly grow and develop spiritually. Go beyond your own self, pay attention and provide support to those who need it. People are not immune from sudden situations and difficult circumstances. And here it is important to come to their aid and show that they are not alone with their problem. A feature of our charitable foundation is the cultivation of domestic support and mutual assistance.

First of all, we try to solve complex issues within our large family and help members and partners of the club. After all, we are united not only by partnerships, but also by common global goals and values.

And here, among other things, includes improving the quality of life of all those around us. That is why, becoming a partner of our affiliate programs on our information business platform InterKent, you do not just get financial opportunities, you can count on everyone’s support.


It is important to note that charity is voluntary. And therefore, we never call on our members to provide any assistance.

We act independently, and the participants themselves join us on a voluntary basis by purchasing appropriate banners. After all, to be the cause of joy, smiles, gratitude, and even the lives of other people is great! And although we are aware that the scale of our activities is not so great yet, we are trying to help those who need it.


Fund accounts to which you can transfer your donations marked «BlagoKent» 



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